Whyte vs Chisora II: Whyte KO’s Chisora in the eleventh

Dillian Whyte has won the “Anthony Joshua lottery” after comprehensively disposing of Dereck Chisora in the 11th round of their London clash, shown live on Sky Box Office. The same shot that wobbled Joshua in their first meeting did for Chisora in this one. A convenient narrative builder is ever there was one, ahead of the expected Joshua-Whyte II, April 13 rematch.

One of the main questions posed beforehand was whether Chisora -a fighter who thrives on motivation- would be “up” for the task. No tables were flipped in the build-up, and the pre-fight face-offs were beset by bewildering laxative analogies rather than the blood-and-thunder of the first contest.

As it turned out, Dereck was competitive but second best for most of the contest, before Whyte unleashed a monstrous left hook in round 11 to starch Chisora and push one step closer to a clash with Joshua.

The action was a little sloppy early on. Chisora bulled forward, hands cupped around his ears as wobbly Whyte responded with shots but looked off balance at times. That said, Dillian was clearly the puncher in the fight. Chisora bobbed and rolled out of range, only to feel the force of the “Body Snatcher’s” blows when he stood too long.

Chisora lacked the intensity of the first fight. He was offering up his face as a convenient cushion for Whyte’s prodding left jab. At the end of the second, it almost descended into the kind of farcical scenes reminiscent of when Whyte first boxed Anthony Joshua. Chisora was constantly loose with the elbow; Whyte’s holding forced a wrestling match on the ropes, and referee Marcus McDonnell struggled to keep order as the bell rang to end the scrum.

Chisora turned up the volume in the third, thumping in left hooks to the body, and trying to ruffle Whyte’s rhythm. The favourite remained composed though and stuck with Chisora when “Del Boy” was rampaging into the flow during the middle sessions. Whyte’s composure was admirable – he was boxing well.

Mr McDonnell lost patience with Chisora’s repeated infringements and deducted him a point for low blows in the eighth. Whyte was reprimanded for errant elbows in the ninth, while the C on his trunks was peeling off, rendering him the “Body Snatcher”. His performance was no joke, however, and everything was leading to the big finish. Chisora had another point deducted in the 11th for flicking an elbow at Whyte off the back of a clinch. Dereck was in need of a knockout, but it was Whyte who obliged on that front.

Fatigued and swinging for dear life, Chisora was literally stretched out by a picture perfect left hook. Whyte brutally rubber-stamped his supremacy in a modern take on a good old-fashioned heavyweight grudge match. He may just give Joshua an even tougher test this time around.

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