Whyte talks next opponent, Bellew and Chisora

Dillian Whyte

Just over three months have passed since Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora surprised the boxing world by staging a heavyweight classic in Manchester. Heading into the bout, many felt it’d be clumsy, slow-paced and a bit boring, but twelve rounds of trench warfare left us all more than satisfied with the night’s action. Though Whyte prevailed via split-decision, it could’ve swung either way, and the prospect of another tasty slug-fest between the pair is something boxing fans would be more than open to. As he told BNTV, however, the rematch does not seem a viable option at this time. Dereck Chisora publicly offered Whyte £1 million last week to face him once more – an offer which the ‘Body Snatcher’ ridiculed. He told us:

“Dereck’s talking s**t. This is a man that can’t afford insurance to drive his car. He drove a Bentley with no insurance. How can he offer me £1 million? He actually had to take the Bentley out on finance. If he has a million pound, why can’t he buy a brand new Bentley from the shop? None of my cars are financed. I’m not bragging, but I’m putting it into context. How can he offer a million? He needs to use a million to buy some toothpaste to brush his teeth. His breath smells like he’s still been eating a**. Dereck Chisora can’t offer me a million pounds, because he doesn’t have a million. Why else did he fight me for £200,000? He’s dumb.”

Though it won’t be against Dereck Chisora, Dillian Whyte’s next fight will take place on May 27 in Sheffield – most likely as chief support for Brook-Spence, which will be confirmed next week. No names were mentioned, though Hearn wants Whyte to be matched with a top 15-ranked heavyweight as he pushes towards a world title shot. Whyte himself believes he’s only 2-3 fights away from challenging for world honours, though he’s actively seeking a fight with Tony Bellew in late 2017. Should he come through his May bout, Whyte will be fully focused on ‘chewing up’ the current WBC cruiserweight champion.

“I’ve been trying to get the Bellew fight, but he really doesn’t want it – simple as that,” He said. “Bellew or Eddie [Hearn] don’t want it, because they know he’ll get chewed up by a true heavyweight that comes to fight. Bellew ain’t got the punch power to trouble me. He’s not the best boxer, he gets hit a lot and he ain’t got a very good defence. If he gets in with a heavyweight like me that always shows up to fight, he’ll be in trouble. He’ll make bigger money fighting me than anyone else. Who else is he gonna fight? Nobody wants to see the Wilder fight because it’s a massive mismatch. Nobody knows who Joseph Parker is. Who else can Bellew fight?

“He needs to stop talking rubbish and we can fight in September. The build-up would be crazy, the internet hits, everything would be crazy. Neither of us are afraid to speak our mind. As you can see from my fights, I’m not scared to take a punch to give two. It’d be a good fight. Regardless, my next fight will be May 27. I don’t know who yet, but Eddie’s looking for someone. It’s all in his hands, I’m just starting to get my juices flowing for that date. I’m two or three fights away from a world title shot I think.”


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