Whyte: My shoulder was injured, let’s do it again

Dillian Whyte

Dillian Whyte (16-1) lost for the first time on Saturday when he suffered a loss by way of knockout against Anthony Joshua (15-0) at the 02 Arena in London. However, Whyte has since stated that his shoulder was injured in the second round and he was unable to perform to his full capabilities as a result.

There were rumours circulating through Twitter in the week before the fight with some speculating the fight may be delayed due to the injury. The claim is a plausible one too. Whyte suffered a similar injury just a few months ago when he fought Brian Minto and it’s quite possible the injury has bothered him ever since.

In fact, if you watch the fight again you will notice how Whyte was not throwing his powerful lefts after the second round. After he was able to hurt Joshua he threw mainly right handed shots which severly limited him and essentially reduced him to a one armed fighter.

Whyte told skysports.com “I had him out on his feet, he was stumbling around. I hit him and he stiffened up, but at the same time I hit him my shoulder went so I couldn’t really finish him off”. He went on to say “I’m not going to make any excuses. My trainer said ‘do you want to stop the fight’ and I said ‘I’m not going to let these fans down, I’m going to be the true warrior I am and go out on my shield’. And that’s what happened”.

We really should applaud Whyte for giving his all in the fight and proving himself to be a true warrior when many would have given up and retired on their stool.

The “Bodysnatcher” is eager to get a rematch too, stating “Let’s get it on and definitely do it again. It was a good fight; we both drew a massive crowd. It’s 1-1 – let’s do it again and see who’ll win the third fight”.

“I believe I can beat him, and not only beat him, I believe I can knock him out. Everybody was giving me one round, two rounds, half a round. It was a 50-50 fight up until I got caught”.

I don’t think a rematch will happen, at least not in the near future and perhaps not until one of them is a champion and the other is their mandatory challenger. As much as Whyte may want the rematch I don’t see Joshua or Hearn being keen to make it happen any time soon.

Unfortunately for Mr. Whyte he doesn’t have the backing of Sky Sports or a big promoter to market him like Joshua. This means he will have to do things the old fashioned way and fight his way into the top 15 in order to get a title shot.

Whyte is having surgery on his shoulder today so let’s hope he can make a full recovery and get back in the mix. The future looks bright for British heavyweights and it will be even brighter with Dillian Whyte playing his part.

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