Who should Pacquiao face in his final fight?

Pacquiao & Khan
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Manny Pacquiao will make his last appearance as a professional boxer this year. With the race to be his final opponent heating up, I wanted to know which fight people wanted to see. So, I put together a little poll.

Bob Arum’s three candidates; Khan, Crawford and Bradley – as reported by Dan Rafael – form the basis of my poll.

The only supposition I made was that either Khan or Crawford would meet Pacquiao with Bradley facing the other fighter.

With my poll ready, I approached pundits, bloggers, boxers and coaches to gauge who they wanted to see throw down with Pacquiao.

I asked if they would prefer:
A) Pacquiao vs. Khan and Bradley vs. Crawford
B) Pacquiao vs. Crawford and Bradley vs. Khan

Here’s how they responded:

A) Pacquiao vs. Khan and Bradley vs. Crawford
Michael Woods
Gabriel Montoya
Tom Craze
Nigel Collins
Douglass Fischer
Phil D Jay
Boxing Asylum (Kurt)
Joe Gallagher
Mark Butcher

B) Pacquiao vs. Crawford and Bradley vs. Khan
Barry Jones
Michael Montero
Al Bernstein
Lance Pugmire
Kevin McRae
Mike Coppinger
Victor M Salazar Jr
Marcos Villegas
Patrick Connor

In the end, only two people showed no preference. Tyson Fury and Vinnie Paz.

Fury said he was “not really interested if they all fought each other at the same time,” and this was by far the most inspirational answer I had. The possible outcomes of such a fight may now be the subject of my next feature.

Vinnie Paz, the Philadelphia-based MC, Boxing aficionado, and writer said he’s “OK with any scenario.”

So, the pundits scored it 9-9, a tie. The question now is what do the fans want to see? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @boxingnewstv with your choice.

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