Weigh In: DeGale vs. Bute

James De Gale
Photo Credit: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

The weigh in for the IBF super middleweight title bout saw James DeGale (21-1) weigh in at 167.4 lbs and Lucian Bute (32-2) just a little lighter at 167.2 lbs.

After the face off DeGale even did a little dance for the crowd who were chanting “Bute, Bute.”

DeGale is seen by many as the clear favourite in this bout. However, Bute, who has home field advantage is more than capable of winning the fight.

So what factors could swing the fight? Recent activity is definitely a factor that could prove crucial here. Bute’s lack of regular activity since his fifth round defeat at the hands of Carl Froch in 2012 puts him at a disadvantage here against DeGale who has fought much more and achieved success in the last three years.

Form is another important factor at play here. DeGale enters the bout 5-0 in his last five fights, the first of which took place in November 2013.

Whereas Bute is 3-2 in his last five, with the first of those five bouts fought in November 2011. Such form and fight frequency, or lack thereof, is most unusual for someone who is about to throw down for a world title.

However, even with these apparent disadvantages Bute has a real chance of winning the fight if he takes the aggressive stance he claims he has adopted for the bout. Andre Dirrell entered his fight against DeGale after a period of inactivity and had success during the encounter when he piled on the pressure.

DeGale is confident he can end the fight early and easily but he may be in for a surprise in Bute comes out all guns blazing.

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