Warrington: I want to punch Selby’s head in

Josh Warrington

The Leeds Warrior, Josh Warrington, knows that he needs to put in a powerful performance against Kiko Martinez this weekend if he is to land a world title shot in 2017.

In a division packed with talent, Warrington has plenty of potential targets. However, his eyes remain firmly fixed on IBF Champion, Lee Selby.

“Lee’s one of the few I’d need to spot a little bit of height and reach to but he’s far shorter than Hisashi Amagasa, the Japanese fighter I defended my WBC International against,” Warrington said. “He was a near six-foot freak, but I pretty much shut him out. Featherweights don’t come taller than that. You just need to box clever, get on their chest and bite ‘em.”

“Selby does use his reach well, to hit and move off. He’s got a good variety and is usually very busy for six rounds, snatches the early rounds, then protects the lead. Downside? He thinks he’s a banger when he’s not. He puts far too much into his punches then fades.

“Lee might be the champion, but we bring the gate. If you have no fan base, you have to travel to earn money. If and when it happens, it’s very likely to be in Leeds.

“Last year, Selby was the red hot favourite as the World Champion I’d challenge. It didn’t happen, but the fight’s certainly not dead. The fight and animosity have been stewing for a while now, and I’m very eager to prove all my doubters wrong.

“There’s definitely a bit of friction. I’ve never slagged off anybody’s ability or achievements but he gives me no credit, and his fans made it worse on social media. Now my lot have got involved. Let’s just settle it. I want to punch his head in!”

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