Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin Media Workout Quotes

Fury vs Wallin

Tyson Fury

“I’m just enjoying life, taking one day at a time and inspiring people to do well in their life, too.”

“I wore a traditional Mexican mask because it’s Mexican Independence Day Weekend and the ‘Gypsy King’ is here in Las Vegas to put on a show for all the Mexican fans. Viva, Mexico!”

“I can defeat all the heavyweights with one hand. As you saw today, lightning speed, lightning reflexes for a giant. I’m a giant of a heavyweight. There has never been a heavyweight like me. There has never been a man of my size who can move like that. I’m a natural freak of nature. I defy every law of gravity. It shouldn’t be possible for a man of my size or my weight to move like that.”

“I have no interest in future fights. One day at a time in my life. One fight at a time, one hour at a time. Because that’s all we have, we’re not promised tomorrow, so we live every day like it’s our last as our Lord tells us to.”

“You’re going to see a great fight on Saturday, a real Mexican, 6-foot-9, 260-pound giant.”

“Do I look like I’m enjoying life? One hundred percent. I’m ecstatic to be alive. A true blessing from God. I’m very thankful that I was given this life. I’m thankful to be here in Las Vegas and thankful for all the people that turned out.”

“Otto Wallin is a tall blonde, just the way I like them. We’ll see what he brings on Saturday.”

Otto Wallin

“I don’t know Fury too well, but I have to Las Vegas to put up a great fight and pull off the upset. We’ve seen a big upset in the heavyweight division already this year.”

“I’ve dreamed of a fight like this since I was a kid. I’ve always wanted to fight a big fight in Las Vegas. All of my hard work has paid off and led me to this moment. Sweden’s last heavyweight champion was Ingemar Johansson, and that was 60 years ago. So to make that type of history would be extra special.”

Emanuel Navarrete

“I am really excited to accomplish another dream of mine of fighting as a world champion in Las Vegas and on such an important date for my country, Mexico. We are celebrating our nation’s independence, and on September 14, I will go to the ring to put on a great show for my country. I will make them proud and raise our flag high.”

Juan Miguel Elorde

“I accepted this challenge without hesitation. It is my dream to become a world champion, and when I got the offer, it was a great day. But now, it’s time for me to put on a great fight and bring the WBO title back to the Philippines.” 

Jose Pedraza

“I am thrilled to be fighting in Las Vegas on such a big card. This will be another Mexico vs Puerto Rico classic, and the first step as I chase my goal of becoming a three-division world champion. Only Puerto Rico’s greatest fighters have done that.”

“This will be my debut at 140 pounds, and I didn’t want an easy fight. I know that he gave Jose Ramirez a great fight, and I want to prove that belong in the world title picture at 140 pounds as well.”

Jose Zepeda

“I am very thankful to Zanfer and Top Rank for the opportunity to show my Mexican warrior blood on such an important date for my country. We will show the Mexican style, and we will give the fans another Mexico vs Puerto Rico fight.”

“I had a great showing against Jose Ramirez earlier this year. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the decision, but I know I have what it takes to become a world champion. Against Pedraza, I will show that I deserve another world title shot.”

Gabriel Flores Jr.

“These are the types of platforms I want to perform on. I am happy to be once again fighting in Las Vegas and on Mexican Independence Day Weekend. My opponent is tough, but I’ll be ready for whatever he brings.”

Guido Vianello

“It is always an honour to fight on Tyson Fury’s cards. I fought in Las Vegas in June, and it was a special experience. I can’t wait to get out there and do it again.”

“I have a new trainer in Kevin Barry. Kevin understands my style. My athleticism is more like Wladimir Klitschko, and he’s teaching me the art of boxing like a big man. I’m using my size better and punching harder than ever.”

“I’m in the camp with Joseph Parker, and I’ve learned a lot from watching him train and prepare. Boxing fans will see my improvements in this fight.”

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