Thurman: Why didn’t we see Khan vs. Garcia this weekend?

Keith Thurman

WBA welterweight champion, Keith Thurman, had a lot to say after Danny Garcia claimed a unanimous decision victory over Robert Guerrero this weekend.

FightHype managed to catch up with Thurman whilst he broke down Danny Garcia’s title shot.

During the interview, Thurman questioned how Garcia was able to leapfrog Amir Khan and get a shot at the WBC title so easily.

“How come it wasn’t versus Amir Khan? Let’s just hit the real button. Amir Khan has been set up at the top of the WBC and now Danny Garcia just gets to hop from 147 [140], ‘here’s a vacancy and I’m gonna take it,’ against not the number one contender in the WBC which is Amir Khan.”

Credit is due to Keith Thurman here, it was a breath of fresh air to hear someone else in boxing ask this question. A question very few boxing reporters/journalists have raised.

If you follow boxing closely then you will be aware that Amir Khan has held the number one spot in the WBC for two years and is also their silver champion. So, when the WBC vacated the belt why didn’t Khan get the title shot?

Instead of asking real questions most boxing media outlets are keeping themselves busy by trying to keep promoters happy, or by spewing out as much content as possible.

It’s bad enough that Floyd got away with not making a mandatory defence against Khan when he held the number one contender spot. What’s worse is that this is still happening when Floyd has retired!

Khan actively tried to get a rematch with Danny Garcia for the WBC welterweight title when Floyd vacated, yet Garcia chose to fight Guerrero instead. This contest then became a title fight, when, if anything, it should have been an eliminator to face Khan for the title.

Going back to Thurman, he hadn’t finished dropping knowledge and went on to say “it’s not Danny’s fault that this is how he got his opportunity,” and Thurman’s right to a degree. This is where the murky world of boxing politics comes into play. The world where men in suits subtly pull strings from behind the scenes and above the rings.

In fact, if Thurman emerges victorious against Shawn Porter it’s likely that he will get his chance at Danny Garcia way before Khan does and he definitely fancies his chances against the Philly native.

During the interview, Thurman also spoke on Garcia getting exposed by Guerrero.

“Did he get exposed tonight?! Did he get exposed in Puerto Rico?! Did he get exposed versus Lamont Peterson?! Exposed, exposed, exposed,” replied Thurman. “He didn’t get beat tonight. He’s never been beaten. You can hate on somebody who looks like they should lose but doesn’t lose, I can understand the hate”.

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