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Spence claims eighth round TKO win over Peterson

Spence vs Peterson

Errol Spence Jr. retained his IBF welterweight crown, scoring an eighth round stoppage over Lamont Peterson at the Barclays Center in New York.

The contest was a one-sided affair for seven rounds with Spence dominating through his brutal bodywork and a stiff jab.

Just before the bell rang for eighth round, Barry Hunter, Peterson’s coach, asked referee, Harvey Dock, to call a halt to proceedings.

Spence comfortably controlled the opening stanza, using his jab well, while also finding success working Peterson’s body.

It wasn’t until Spence launched an assault on Peterson in the second that he got his first real taste of return fire in the form of a straight right from Peterson.

In the third Spence continued to find success working Peterson’s body, while Peterson was able to connect with a number of left hooks around the midway stage of the round.

A minute into the fourth round, Spence was warned by Dock for low blows. Peterson tried to a find a path inside and was able to catch Spence with a clean right hand. However, the Champion quickly retaliated with a barrage of powerful left hands—leaving Peterson’s face swollen.

In the fifth, Peterson finally got a taste of the canvas, via a vicious left hand. Peterson managed to recover but Spence was looking for the kill, and the challenger was forced to retreat.

Round six, saw Spence continue to stalk Peterson, looking for the kill. Peterson looked for an avenue to attack, but with every attempt, the challenger took more damage.

In the seventh, we saw very little from Peterson, who was attempting, unsuccessfully, to fight on the back foot while Spence patiently stalked his prey, looking for the kill.

Just moments before the bell for the eighth round, after carefully observing his fighter, Barry Hunter, asked Harvey Dock to call an end to the fight.

“It was really hard [to make the decision],” Hunter said. “But if you know Lamont, you know he wasn’t gonna give up. So I had to stop it. At the end of the day, this is my son right here, and there’s nothing more valuable than his well-being. If it comes to him or winning, I pick him. I care about him.”

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