Spence: With 8 ounce gloves I can stop Brook

Errol Spence Jr

Errol Spence Jr will square off against IBF Welterweight Champion, Kell Brook, on May 27th in Sheffield – and the undefeated contender claims that armed with 8oz gloves, he will stop Brook.

Spence will undoubtedly face a hostile welcome when he enters Brook’s backyard – Bramall Lane – on May 27th. However, unlike many fighters visiting foreign shores, Spence is not worried about the fight going to the scorecards.

“With eight-ounce gloves, I feel that I can knock him out, but it’s not something that I have to have to win the fight,” said Spence, speaking to On The Ropes Boxing Radio. “I’m not just going to look for it, I’ll let it happen and let it flow, and if it happens naturally, then I’ll take the knockout. I’m not going to come straight at him trying to knock his head off.”

[I’m going to] work off my jab and dictate the pace of the fight. Whoever dictates the pace will win the fight, so I think that’s what I got to do.

“I think the fight is going to be exciting. There will be thirty thousand fans cheering Kell Brook and booing me, so I expect it to be action-packed and me coming out with the victory, whether it’s a knockout or a decision win.”

“I think I can win either way. I don’t decide how the judges score the cards; I hope the judges are fair. That’s not up to me; it’s not in my hands. I just have to go in there and do my fight and fight the way that I fight. If I win the fight on the scorecards, I should win it on the scorecards. I’m not worried about the judges or how they score it at all because that’s out of my hands at the end of the day.”

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