Sean Cairns looks ahead to Lee Clayton clash

“A Big Daddy Box Meal and two mini fillet burgers to get you home.”

Sean Cairns is back next month, but the only thing on his mind is a meal from a well-known chicken restaurant.

The 33-year-old is deep in camp for his March 14 showdown against Lee Clayton in Bolton and has been on a low-carb diet in a bid to make the 118-pound bantamweight limit.

Cairns, nicknamed ‘The Comanche’, is a southpaw whose only defeats have come as a shock to Brett Fidoe and at the hands of Commonwealth Games gold medallist Sean McGoldrick.

Three wins later, though, and Cairns picked up a call from his manager Steve Wood, throwing out there the prospect of fighting for a title.

That belt –– a Central Area crown which is currently vacant –– will be contested for against the aforementioned Clayton, the man from Heywood in Lancashire, at the Bolton Whites Hotel on a promotion being staged by Kieran Farrell and billed ‘Rolling The Dice II’.

“I’m so excited,” Cairns said recently, watching his partner Rachael eat a piece of pizza. “I can’t wait to get in there and upset the odds by taking Lee out of there and getting that belt around my waist.

“I like Lee, he’s a nice kid, and I’ve sparred him before. We were mates before it, and we’ll be mates after it, but this is just business, and I’ve got a job to do.”

Cairns insists that cauliflower rice is his new best mate and will remain so until fight night. Thanks to Absolute Jerk in Liverpool, the five-foot nine-inch fighter whose record reads 6-2 is close to his fighting weight now.

“It’s great, I love it,” he says about his diet, “but I’ve blagged myself into thinking that cauliflower rice is nice. I don’t really like eating sh**e, I’m a clean eater, the majority of the time, but I’m as bad as anyone else occasionally and like a binge day.

“I’m a KFC man, rather than McDonald’s, but I know that’s off-limits until March 15. The Box Meal isn’t enough, is it? You need something more.

That’s where the fillets come into it. They’re gone as soon as you’ve got your bag of goodies and as soon as you’ve paid. They’re just to get you through the drive-through and then you can open the proper stuff when you’re back in the house.”

Cairns is hoping that a win against ‘Kombat’ Clayton (10-4, 2 KOs) will springboard him to another level on the domestic scene. “I can do bantam or super-bantamweight,” he said, “and I think I’m better than my record suggests. I’m hoping a win here can get me into a position to fight for maybe an English title and then that could mean that I get some big opportunities on big shows.

“Either way, my focus at the moment is on Lee and then once that’s over and done with and the fight’s out the way, that Big Daddy Box Meal will be getting demolished –– hopefully in the same way as I get rid of Lee: in good style.”

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