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Price: This is the start of a new chapter in my career

David Price

Former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion, David Price (19-3 16KOs) has joined forces with David Coldwell in a bid to revitalise his career.

Price, re-energised by the move, feels he can cause shockwaves in the heavyweight division with Coldwell in his corner.

“This is a fresh start for me and a start of a new chapter in my career,”
said Price. “There have been fighters in the past who have made moves like this and it’s reignited their careers, and hopefully it will be the same for me.

“It sounds like a cliché but I need to take each fight as it comes, and I know that if I do and I perform to my ability, there are plenty of big fights out there for me. It’s an exciting time to be a heavyweight and I need to do everything I can to get back in the mix, but first and foremost, I need to prove my worth again.”

Coldwell is equally optimistic and feels Price can make his mark in an exciting heavyweight division. “There are some changes that need to be made and we need to bring the feel good factor back to his boxing, but if I look at his potential and the improvements he has already made, there is no doubt, that he can still make a big impact on the heavyweight division.

“One thing Pricey has got is 100% destructive heavyweight power. He can knock anyone out, and when you’ve got that sort of power, you can never say never. A lot of people want to write him off, but when you can put people to sleep like that you are always going to be dangerous.”

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