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Pacquiao vs Broner: Pacquiao outpoints Broner in Vegas

Manny Pacquiao’s house was apparently burgled while he was busy outpointing Adrien Broner in Las Vegas on Saturday night. While that news was breaking, razor-sharp memes predictably fired back and forth across the internet with lightning efficiency celebrating Broner’s demise. However, while some may feel they were the ones being robbed by a substandard offering, boxing’s ultimate heel is once again chuckling all the way to the bank.

By Monday morning Broner had managed to hook a sizeable portion of spectators with his post-fight, “I won the fight, I outboxed him” bait and was busy reeling them in as he plots his next route to a payday. Characters like Broner play on the emotions. You’ll either feel exasperated by his bravado, angered enough by his antics to tune in and want to see him get beaten or possibly humoured by his crass attempts to drop wearied one-liners. However you feel, he aims to make you feel something. Broner knows he’s not beating any of the top fighters anytime soon, so his goal is to keep the viewing public interested on some level, and keep the network executives writing cheques. There was a reason Eddie Hearn wanted to add the Cincinnati loudmouth to his DAZN stable.

Broner’s ongoing unpopularity was so apparent in the MGM Grand during the headline attraction that even when Manny was merely feinting, closing the distance and hitting arms and gloves he was cheered for the perceived hurt he was inflicting on “AB”. Broner was undeniably rocked in at least one of the rounds. Whether he was ever close to getting stopped is open to debate. Say what you will about Broner’s deficiencies – he has heart and a solid chin.

As for the victor, beating Crawford, Spence or Thurman would be a big ask for this version of Pacquiao. The Filipino veteran sits somewhere around the lower reaches of the top five at welterweight but holds enough name currency to garner a couple of big paydays. Quite how Pacquiao would cope with the intense, bull rush brawling of a Shawn Porter type is anyone’s guess. We saw how Jeff Horn was able to put Pacquiao to work throughout the 12 rounds consistently they shared in the summer of 2017.

Rumours are now flowing that Pacquiao is in line for a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. “Money” was at ringside, babbling incoherently with Showtime’s Jim Gray, no doubt sizing up another cash grab. Like Pacquiao, Floyd’s biggest rivalry remains with the American tax authorities. These pugilistic superstars are earning bucket loads of dough. Why they never consider employing an accountant to stay on top of the paperwork while living an outrageously avaricious existence is mind-boggling to the average observer. Running for political office or stuffing notes into strippers’ lingerie is considerably more appealing than opening up a Fresh books account.

Pacquiao is now under the wing of Al Haymon’s PBC. His name still holds value, and the guaranteed $10 million he was afforded for neutering Broner proves he still has time to cash in and get back on a firmer fiscal footing. Early indications show that the pay-per-view returns for this show were strong. As popular as Pacquiao remains it is hard for some to acknowledge that his polarising dance partner generated much of that interest.

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Steve Wellings
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Honorary graduate of the Prison Canteen. Covering boxing since 2005 ~ Wolves fan ~ wannabe boxing raconteur.

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