Pacquiao: Top Rank selected Bradley as my opponent

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao (57-6-2, 38KOs) has stated that whilst choosing his last opponent he personally had no preference and that as a result Top Rank chose Bradley.

Such a remark on how his opponent was selected flies in the face of the stories we were fed by both Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao’s team prior to the announcement of the Bradley fight.

Pacquiao also stated that he wants to finish his career with a knockout victory over Tim Bradley when they meet in April at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas “I’m trying to have a knockout in that fight,” said Pacquiao. The eight division world champion went on to say “I’m not saying to predict the fight, but I’m trying to do my best so the people enjoy my last fight”.

Indeed, Pacquiao will need to do his best to stop Bradley, who has only one loss on his record and has never been stopped before.

Pacquiao is also not convinced that Teddy Atlas will be able to transform Timothy Bradley into a new fighter and stated “I know his style and I have to prepare for that”.

In all honesty, Bradley is not a changed fighter and to use his performance against Rios as proof that he is a different kind of beast is absurd. That’s not to say that Bradley isn’t a great fighter, he is, but he does not seem like a transformed one.

Similarly, Pacquiao’s KO claim is probably not going to come to fruition. This fight will probably be nothing more than a repeat of their last meeting with Pacquiao claiming a comfortable points victory.

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