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Shannon Briggs

It honestly wouldn’t be a surprise if the words ‘let’s go champ’ were still echoing around the back corridors of Grosvenor House tomorrow morning. What started as a pretty routine press conference for David Haye’s scheduled bout with Arnold Gjergjaj descended into chaos when the not-so-subtle tones of Shannon Briggs’ voice emerged, duly followed by his entourage.

The American was in fine form – not only questioning the calibre of Haye’s next opponent but also branding Haye scared to fight him. Haye responded, and offered Briggs the chance to fight on his undercard as a method of proving his credentials (if he can get licensed) – an offer Briggs is now genuinely considering. After normality was restored and the conference was concluded, 44-year-old Briggs took the time to talk to us at BNTV and insisted he was leaving England no time soon. He also revealed his new place of residence was Bermondsey – the area of London which David Haye resides from.

“They love me in Bermondsey. The people love me. I walk down the street and people shout ‘let’s go champ!’. I’m taking over. I want to fight David Haye, but he don’t wanna fight me. If David don’t wanna fight me, I’ll fight his opponent. If his opponent don’t wanna fight me, I’ll fight his opponent’s brother.

“I want the big fights, but sometimes you gotta eat the preliminary buildup fights. But guess what? I eat too! I came to England for a reason – for action! I’m looking for action; I ain’t playing around. I want these people to go crazy. I want to fill out Wembley! That’s my goal.”

Following his offer to fight on Haye’s undercard to prove himself, Briggs also revealed he isn’t considering picking between that opportunity and fighting in Glasgow the following week on the Burns vs. Di Rocco undercard. Instead, he’s planning on fighting on both bills. He told us:

“When I’m fighting, I’m fighting. I want to be active. I’ve fought eight days apart before; I’ll do it again. If Eddie Hearn sends me a contract, and if this chump [David Haye] sends me a contract, I’ll knock out everybody! I don’t care about nothing except winning a title and letting people know that I’m the champ.”

The chances of the American getting a license to box in the United Kingdom appear to be slim, with Frank Warren revealing earlier in the week that Briggs was denied the right to fight in the UK almost six years ago. In spite of that, he not only plans to fight David Haye but the winner of Charles Martin vs. Anthony Joshua too – a fight he’s planning on gatecrashing. He concluded by saying:

“I’m storming the ring at the Joshua fight! I’m storming the ring! You’re gonna see me dive into the ring before they fight! You might see me get arrested and thrown out. Maybe out of the country – I don’t know! To my fans, I want to thank you all for the support. I appreciate you all. This comeback has been nothing but fun and inspirational for myself and for the people. I’m looking forward to continuing the fun. I can do this for another 15 years! For the belt holders, you know what I’m gonna tell ’em!”

At this point, Briggs took the microphone and softly whispered three final words.

“Let’s go champ.”

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