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Langford looks to set the record straight

Tommy Langford

Tommy Langford is determined to avenge his split-decision loss to local rival Jason Welborn when the pair square off for the British Middleweight title at Arena Birmingham this Saturday.

Welborn captured the Lonsdale belt after an enthralling twelve round contest in May, which went on to be nominated for the British Boxing Board of Control Fight of the Year.

Langford had been widely expected to win the fight but admits that mistakes were made in the build-up to the first bout.

“The truth is I probably got a bit too bit for my boots,” said Langford. “I’ll hold my hands up; I overlooked him last time. Fair play to Jason, he made it into his type of fight which distracted me and put me off my game plan.

“I got it severely wrong. It’s not good enough just admitting that you got it wrong, you have to realise why you got it wrong. The reality is I looked past him and paid the price. Thankfully we got the rematch straight away, and I’m looking forward to putting the record straight and showing people what I’m really about.

“You’ve got to give Welborn credit; he fought the right fight for him. It was a full on tear up for the twelve rounds. I’m 100% focused on winning my belt back; I’m not looking past it. It doesn’t matter how I’m going to win, I know I will win.

“There was a lot that went wrong last time, we’ve identified some technical aspects of my game and have been improving on that for this camp. I’ve got to get back to my boxing and use my feet a lot more this time around.

Langford knows that big fights are just around the corner if he can secure victory against Welborn on Saturday night and is determined not to make the same mistake twice.

“This rematch is on the big stage, which is where I feel like I belong,” he added. “There’s no getting away from the fact it’s a big fight for us both and the winner will go on from here.

“I was so proud to win and defend the British title; it hurt a lot to see him lift it. I’m not thinking about the future; I’ve made that mistake before. Even thinking about the day after the fight on Sunday 9th September is too far ahead – all my focus is on Saturday night when that bell goes.”

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