Khan: Lo Greco will pay for his insults

Khan vs LoGreco
Amir Khan throws a glass of Water over Phil Le Greco at Matchroom Boxing press Conference in Liverpool announcing that Amir Kahn will fight Phil Lo Greco at the Echo Arena on 21st April 2018. Also on the bill is Sean Dodd against Tommy Coyle, and former Team GB Olympians Natasha Jonas and Anthony Fowler and unbeaten Super-Welterweight Scott Fitzgerald. 30th January 2018. Picture By Mark Robinson

Amir Khan says he has found extra motivation during his training camp through the personal attacks made by his opponent, Phil Lo Greco.

After nearly two years away from the ring, Khan feels he is in the best condition of his life and is keen to make his return on April 21st when he will compete in his first fight on British soil since 2013.

Lo Greco and Khan clashed at a heated press conference in January after Lo Greco made personal attacks on Khan’s private life, which got under the skin of the former unified super-lightweight champion and he has vowed to exact revenge upon Lo Greco come fight night.

“I am going to make a big statement on April 21,” said Khan. “I’m not going to make any mistakes. No fight is easy, and I’m very focused on beating Phil and beating him well. The hard work has been done, and I hope he’s in the best shape he’s ever been in – we gave him enough notice so there are no excuses, he’s had 11 weeks, so he better be looking good because I want to beat him badly at his best.

“He got personal at the press conference and that’s not right – he’s going to pay for that. Talk about boxing, talk about me getting KO’d or getting beat – but going into my personal life is disrespectful and that’s made me angry.

“I wanted to show him who’s boss and put it on him; he needs to watch what he says. He’s an idiot, and he’s going to be put in his place on April 21.

“The fans hate him now, and he’s going to be in for a hostile night from the fans in Liverpool. British fans are the best in the world, and he should’ve come here wanting to get them on his side, but there’s no chance that will happen.

“There’s pressure in every fight, and I know that lose, and it’s game over for getting those huge fights. I cannot make any mistake and what he’s said in the press conference has only added more fuel to the fire.

“I’ve felt great in camp, and I know that I need to be at my sharpest as I’ve been out for a while and I know that he’s going to think he can take advantage of that and upset the odds – but that’s not happening.

“Welterweight is where I want to be winning World titles at. The next two fights are going to be huge marquee names that make me a two-weight World champion. Eddie knows what I want, and he’s got the plans down, I know I can win that World title this year but I cannot look past Phil, he’s coming to smash my dreams.”

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