Kell Brook’s Top Five Opponents

Kell Brook

Gennady Golovkin

O2 Arena, London – 10 September 2016

Stepping up in weight to face the monstrous Kazakh middleweight seemed a ballsy move on the face of it. With little lose (apart from the odd body part) unbeaten Kell was on a hiding to nothing and needed a big name on his record. Domestic commentators became increasingly excited as the Sheffield mover caused occasional issues with his fast-handed raids, against an off-colour Golovkin. Once “GGG” knuckled down and decided enough was enough, he bludgeoned Brook with hard and accurate shots from both fists to put an end to the madness.

Steve Wellings
Honorary graduate of the Prison Canteen. Covering boxing since 2005 ~ Wolves fan ~ wannabe boxing raconteur.