Kell Brook aims to bring Mayweather out of retirement

Kell Brook & Eddie Hearn
Photo Credit: Lawrence Lustig / Matchroom Sport

Chasing Amir Khan appears to be taking its toll on IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook (35-0, 24 KOs) who would now like to coax Floyd Mayweather Jr. back into the ring.

Perhaps Brook is now starting to suffer from the same delusions of grandeur that he claims affect “the kid from Bolton”. It’s quite a fantastical idea and for him to suggest it, publicly, shows how much Brook wants to get a big fight this year.

During the press conference for his upcoming bout with Kevin Bizier, Brook stated “I’ll enjoy myself that night [against Bizier] and then look for a massive fight. If it’s not the kid from Bolton (Khan), then it could be Garcia or the Porter-Thurman winner, or the winner of Pacquiao and Bradley – or we might get Mayweather out of retirement, you never know”.

However, unfortunately for Brook, we do know. A stellar performance against Bizier will never secure a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. if anything Khan is the only fight that Kell wants and everything else is no more than posturing.

For example, by saying he wants the Garcia fight Brook is simply attempting to threaten Khan. Why? How? Well, if Brook got the Garcia fight then Khan’s chance at revenge and a title is gone and so is a payday against Kell at Wembley. Whether Brook really wants to fight Garcia is another matter altogether the point here is that Brook is threatening Khan’s position by stating it.

The threat was cemented with Hearns statement at the press conference, in which he said “As far as the Khan fight, we can’t do any more to make the fight. We’ve been at the table time and again and yet we’re told we are miles away as far as the perceived value they believe they are worth. The entire British public want it but we can’t force a man to fight. So after Bizier, we have one choice: to unify the division. I believe Kell is the best welterweight in the world and the best British pound-for-pound fighter today.”

With the WBC stating that Garcia must fight Khan by June, there is very little either Garcia or Brook individually could do to stop such an encounter. Paying Khan some step aside money is definitely not going to work. However, should Brook and Garcia decide to hold a unification bout they may be able to coerce the WBC into delaying the mandatory against Khan.

Hearn, Brook and Sky know the amount of money involved in the Khan fight surpasses any other fight that they can make right now and they are desperately using every propaganda technique in the book via their powerful media arm to get this fight made.

Sky Sports and The Sun had a whopping 13 articles focused on Khan vs. Brook on the homepages of their boxing sections alone! These pieces along with the 10 or so interviews conducted over the past few days all are filled with the same arguments, everything across the board is repeated ad nauseam and everyone (even the young Matchroom boxers being interviewed by IFLTV) stays on message.

At the end of the day it seems like Brook, Sky and Hearn are desperate. They are in a hurry to get their big payday before the likes of Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford come looking to snatch Kell’s belt for what will be a paltry sum in comparison.

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