Joshua survives scare to drop and stop Klitschko

Joshua vs Klitschko

Anthony Joshua battled through a tough fight, rising from a sixth round knockdown to drop and stop Wladimir Klitschko in the eleventh round of their contest at Wembley Stadium in London.

Klitschko dominated the Heavyweight division, remaining undefeated for over a decade before losing to Tyson Fury in 2015 and entered his fight with Joshua aiming to win a Heavyweight title for the third time.

Joshua, on the other hand, was facing his toughest test to date and looking to cement his place as the number one fighter in the heavyweight division.

In the opening stanza, Klitschko looked to establish the jab but found himself on the receiving end of Joshua’s right hand.

Early in the second round, Klitschko landed a big right hand, forcing Joshua to return fire. As the round progressed, Joshua was able to use his jab effectively.

The jab continued to be Joshua’s most useful tool in the third as he looked to apply pressure on the Ukranian challenger.

As we entered the fourth round, Klitschko landed a clean right hand. However, Joshua quickly returned fire, landing a right hand of his own.

In the fifth round, Klitschko hit the canvas after a barrage of punches from Joshua. Klitschko made it to his feet, sporting a cut, but he recovered well and went on to catch Joshua with some clean shots — leaving the Champion in a worrying position.

At the start of the sixth round, Joshua looked exhausted and was unable to keep Klitschko at bay. Klitschko eventually broke through, landing a fantastic hook, which sent Joshua to the canvas for the first time in his career. However, Joshua was able to make it to his feet and survive the round.

Joshua again found himself on the back foot in the seventh as Klitschko continued to look for the kill.

Round eight saw Klitschko working from behind his jab, while Joshua, still recovering from his knockdown, tried to regain a foothold in the fight.

In round nine Joshua caught his second wind, finding his rhythm once again, and working Klitschko’s body well.

Round ten saw Klitschko work from behind the jab, with a clash of heads leaving Joshua visibly swollen.

Joshua began the eleventh round with some huge shots, leaving Klitschko on shaky ground. Joshua followed the first barrage up with another combination, sending Klitschko back to the canvas. Klitschko made it to his feet only to get caught with another combination, which sent the challenger straight back to the canvas. Once again, Klitschko beat the count and quickly found himself under attack. However, this time, the referee, Dave Fields, stepped in to wave the fight off.

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