Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib set for January 30

Two YouTube stars will share the ring once again when Jake Paul takes on AnEsonGib at the Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami.

Jake Paul, one of the biggest internet celebrities in the United States, currently commands a following of over 36 million. Paul made his amateur boxing debut in 2018 when he overcame KSI’s brother. He is now determined to overcome Gib before avenging his brother’s loss to KSI.

“Coming into the sport of boxing as an undefeated champion amongst my peers, it’s my duty to set the bar as high as possible for others looking to cross over into the sport,” said Jake Paul. “This is more than a fight to me; it’s a chance to show the world that anyone with a dream, vision, and the right work ethic, can overcome adversity and shine on the brightest stage. This bout has deep roots; it’s a fight for my brother’s honour, my pride and most importantly my loyal fans who are among the best in the world. This is the American dream. Thursday, January 30, on DAZN, my opponent’s 15 minutes of fame turn into 10 seconds of counting stars as he lays unconscious on the canvas. And then, I’m coming for that wanker KSI.”

AnEsonGib, commonly known as Gib, rose to fame on YouTube as a FIFA player. Gib is also a member of the famous gaming crew, The Sidemen. Gib has competed in two amateur bouts so far in his career is confident he will emerge victorious on January 30.

“After six months of Jakey ducking, the fight is finally going down,” said AnEsonGib. “He had no choice of his opponent; I chose him. Since my last fight I have been training nonstop and January 30 in Miami, I will end the fight in devastating fashion and will have my hand raised in front of his country, family and friends. Jake Paul is going to be my walking, talking ad for the rest of his days.”

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