Hearn defends ticket distribution, says critics ‘don’t understand’

In spite of every boxing success that Matchroom have enjoyed in the last few years, Eddie Hearn still…

In spite of every boxing success that Matchroom have enjoyed in the last few years, Eddie Hearn still hasn’t managed to build a positive relationship with Britain’s hardcore boxing fans. For every casual fan that stops the Matchroom promoter on the street in the hope of a picture, there’s a boxing fanatic praying for his downfall. Hearn doesn’t seem to mind the constant bombardment of criticism he receives, however, and he often responds light-heartedly via social media.

The most recent outcry among fans arrived amid the distribution of tickets for Charles Martin vs. Anthony Joshua. Many people took issue with the fact that Matchroom’s official ticket distributor, StubHub, appeared to be selling tickets in abundance – some for 4x their face value.

The event sold out in 90 seconds, meaning anyone desperate for tickets would have to pay an extortionate amount via the StubHub website. When asked by BoxingNewsTV if he was concerned about the outcry coming from the hardcore market about tickets, Hearn defended himself:

“They don’t understand the situation. StubHub is our official supplier of face-value tickets. They’re all marked ‘promoter’s allocation’. There is a secondary market, which you – the general public – can go on and sell tickets in a marketplace. They do it on Viagogo, Ticketmaster, whatever. Speak to the government about it.

“If I worried about the hardcore market, I’d be a very unhappy man, because they’re impossible to please. I think if you look at the state of British boxing now compared to two or three years ago – they’re idiots if they think we haven’t brought it forward.

“They’re not going to like everything we do, but we’ve just made Frampton-Quigg next weekend. We’ve just made the heavyweight championship of the world, and boxing’s in a better place.”

Though clearly unimpressed by the uproar, Hearn was not shocked that tickets were in such high demand. He added:

“He’s one of the hottest commodities in world boxing. He’s, of course, the hottest commodity in British boxing. Win this fight, and he’s the hottest commodity in world boxing – bar no-one. That’s what’s on the line here.”

Tickets for Charles Martin vs. Anthony Joshua are still available at http://www.stubhub.co.uk/matchroom-boxing-tickets/ – if you don’t mind paying a more substantial amount to get a seat.

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