Haye: I could leave Joshua unconscious

Haye vs. Joshua

David Haye (27-2, 25 KOs) told iFLTV that he is ready and prepared for a UK mega-fight with Anthony Joshua (15-0, 15 KOs).

Haye insists that once Joshua is ready that the fight will be made but grumbles at the fact that Joshua is ranked so highly but not ready to fight world-class opponents. To be fair, Haye has a point, Joshua is wildly overrated by the sanctioning bodies. Whilst Joshua is a top prospect with potential perhaps the real reason his rankings are so high is because of the influence his promoter and their partners at Sky wield.

Speaking to SkySports.com Haye said “Mark de Mori made one mistake and he was unconscious for five minutes. If Anthony Joshua makes a mistake he will be unconscious for five minutes”.

Haye vs. Joshua has the potential to eclipse all other potential fights in the UK twice over. Making such a fight will, however, not be easy. Not because of the fighters or any promotional issues but because both fighters must walk dangerous paths before making such a fight.

On one hand, Haye must prove that he can still compete with good heavyweights and on the other Joshua must significantly improve in a number of areas if he wants to compete at the top level.

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