Golden Boy e-mail revelations – why the silence?

  • Journalist Hesiquio Balderas sent racist emails about Al Haymon to Golden Boy’s PR Director Ramiro Gonzalez.
  • Golden Boy wishes to exclude 15 e-mails between the two from the trial.
Al Haymon

Make no mistake, social media – paired with the emergence of online news outlets – has changed boxing for the better. We, as fans and journalists, get access to fighters and promoters that those before us could only dream of. Every day presents a rat-race between boxing writers and videographers, and you know what? It’s healthy.

Journalist, Hesiquio Balderas

With that daily race comes hundreds upon thousands of different thoughts and interviews on any stories that may emerge, and you’d be lucky to find any boxing news with half an ounce of interest that hasn’t been published within minutes of breaking. All these different angles and opinions provide a balanced overview of the news we receive, and that’s good for the consumer. With that said – it’s surprising that the majority seem to ignore one overriding issue in the sport of boxing – race.

As Golden Boy are gearing up for the opening of their antitrust lawsuit against Al Haymon in March, nobody seems to be discussing the e-mails they’re trying to have omitted from the case. Haymon, who offered to purchase Golden Boy Promotions for $100 million in 2013, was referred to as a ‘scumbag’, a ‘n*gger’ and ‘the black Hitler’ in a series of e-mails between journalist Hesiquio Balderas and Golden Boy’s PR Director, Ramiro Gonzalez.

“Get rid of that miserable black Hitler. He’s only disgracing boxing and he’s scum.”

Golden Boy wishes to exclude 15 e-mails between the two from the trial, with the reason being that it would ‘inflame the passions’ of the jury. Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge that all of the above terms were sent to Golden Boy, and were not from Gonzalez himself. That said, however, why did Balderas feel comfortable enough to use racial slurs in messages to such an important figurehead in the Golden Boy setup? Furthermore, why do a majority of online news outlets seem to be uninterested in this news? You can see the e-mails for yourself below:

Golden Boy Racist Emails Golden Boy Racist Emails

For those not fluent in Spanish, the last e-mail translates as: “That is great, get rid of that miserable black Hitler. He’s only disgracing boxing and he’s scum. You know you have my total and absolute discretion. Thanks for trusting me boss.”

Ramiro Gonzalez (Center)

These e-mails have emerged at a time where BNTV are beginning their own investigations into racism within boxing, with a series on the matter expected to be released in the near future. We, surely, as boxing media outlets have an obligation to shed some sort of light on important issues surrounding our sport.

The case of Golden Boy Promotions vs. Al Haymon is expected to begin on March 14, and the history between both parties is lengthy. The needle between the two began with Floyd Mayweather leaving Golden Boy in June 2014. Mayweather, at the time, provided a significant amount of Golden Boy Promotions’ income, and Al Haymon was his advisor when he cut his ties.

Haymon then appeared to pull the wool over Oscar De La Hoya’s eyes with their settlement agreement in December 2014, which led to more than 20 fighters being released from the clutches of Golden Boy. Al Haymon, with his new PBC model, then started paying US broadcasters sums of money that Golden Boy could not even dream of competing with. With that history in mind, things could well get messy. BNTV will be providing updates throughout the trial when it begins in March 2017.