Gallagher: Crolla vs. Barroso could be candidate for FOTY

Crolla vs. Barroso
Photo Credit: Benyamin Farooqi

We caught up with Joe Gallagher at the Crolla vs. Barroso press conference in Manchester to discuss a wide range of subjects including Crolla vs. Barroso, Hosea Burton, professionals in the Olympics as well as predictions for Brook vs. Bizier, Canelo vs. Khan and Joshua vs. Martin.

Gallagher, the RING magazine trainer of the year for 2015, told us that we’re in for a treat with Crolla vs. Barroso. “I think it’s a real candidate for one of the fights of the year,” said Gallagher. “I think boxing skills and boxing tactics after round five or six go out of the window here. Both fighters like to stand and trade, Anthony likes to sit in the pocket – you know it could come to a battle of wills.”

Crolla and Barroso will square off at the Manchester Arena on May 7th. Tickets are available from

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