Frampton ready for Warrington clash

Frampton vs Jackson

Carl Frampton has stated that he will be ready to face IBF World Champion, Josh Warrington, once he has overcome Luke Jackson at Windsor Park on August 18.

Frampton is set to realise a lifelong dream, defending his interim WBO featherweight title at Belfast’s renowned football stadium, and if successful he will get the opportunity to claim a fourth world title.

While Warrington is perhaps the easiest route to a world title for Frampton, Oscar Valdez is also high on Frampton’s hit list.

“The plan after Jackson is Oscar Valdez or Josh Warrington, which would be the easier to make because we are both promoted by Frank Warren,” said Frampton. “Warrington and myself is more appealing to British sports fans, but it doesn’t matter who I face. You could flip a coin to decide whether it is Warrington or Valdez.”

Frampton’s end goal remains the third fight with Leo Santa Cruz, and he hopes a world title will help him lure Santa Cruz into making the trilogy.

“If I beat Jackson, then Warrington or Valdez I will have a title and that puts me in a stronger position, and ready to tackle Santa Cruz,” said Frampton. “That might make him want to come to the table, negotiate and talk about the fight again. That is the fight that appeals to me more than any other.”

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