Frampton and Jackson share war of words

Frampton vs Jackson

Carl Frampton and Luke Jackson enjoyed some verbal sparring ahead of their showdown at Windsor Park in Belfast on August 18th.

Jackson, who captained Australia in the 2012 London Olympics, competed twice in the World Amateur Championships and claimed Bronze at the 2010 Commonwealth Games taunted Frampton over his amateur achievements.

Jackson said: “I’ve fought some very good guys as an amateur and I’ll be the first to say that as a professional I haven’t fought the guys Carl Frampton has fought.

“Carl Frampton hasn’t done what I did as an amateur. He never represented his country at the Olympic Games.”

Frampton quickly fired back at the five-time Australian Amateur Champion.

“I’m lucky it’s not amateur boxing then,” Frampton quipped on Twitter. “Also, representing Australia in the Olympics is the equivalent of me having to be Co Antrim champion then beat the Isle of Man in a qualifier.”

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