Fowler: I will stop Fitzgerald within five rounds

Former Olympian, Anthony Fowler, is determined to show what he is made of by stopping Scott Fitzgerald within…
Fowler vs O'Brien

Former Olympian, Anthony Fowler, is determined to show what he is made of by stopping Scott Fitzgerald within five rounds when the two domestic rivals square off for the WBA International Super-Welterweight title at The M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool on Saturday.

While Fitzgerald is keen to avenge a loss he suffered at the hands of Fowler during their days on the Amateur circuit; Fowler believes an emphatic victory on Saturday could help build another domestic showdown, against the current British Champion, Ted Cheeseman.

“He’s a dangerous opponent,” admitted Fowler. “He’s had twelve fights and knocked nine of his opponents out. He’s powerful, and he’s coming to win. He wants to win this fight more than anything, the same as myself. It has all of the makings of a great fight, and it’s a fight where I show who Anthony Fowler really is and just how good I am.

“Scott was a hard trainer in the GB squad. We used to spar, and I was always that much better than him. I’d win every round of our spars; they were never close. When we fought each other, I destroyed him in two rounds. Even though he was a top fighter, I was always an elite fighter.

“As a pro, I’ve gone to a great coach, and I’ve gone onto that next level again. Now I’m a lot more conditioned, tougher and experienced. I feel like Scott has stagnated a bit. He’s turned pro, and he’s had easier fights than myself. He’s stagnated to his level and lowered his standards. He’s going to try and raise it for this fight, but it’ll be too little too late.”

Fowler knows Fitzgerald is coming to win, but he is confident in his power and believes that he will emphatically stop his opponent, within five rounds.

“This fight is a very winnable fight for me, and this is the fight where people will give me the respect that I deserve. I’ve boxed two unbeaten kids and knocked them both out, and I’ll do the same to Scott. After this fight, people are going to say ‘wow, that Anthony Fowler is the real deal’.

“I think early on, Scott is going to get a shock when he realises how hard I hit and how hard I am to hit. His confidence is going to drain away round-by-round and as soon as I start hitting him downstairs and on the chin, he’s going to feel the pace.

“I think it’s going to be over within five rounds. I think he’ll be brave, and he’ll come to win, but there’s only so many shots you can take with those little gloves. After this win everyone knows who I want next; I want Ted Cheeseman for the British. This time next year I want to be a European Champion.”

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