Five audacious jumps in weight

Roy Jones Jnr vs John Ruiz

Henry Armstrong

Peerless Armstrong is rightly revered as one of the greatest fighters of all time. Back when there were only a limited number of weight classes, with no halfway houses for weight jumpers, Armstrong started his esteemed career at featherweight, moved to lightweight, welterweight and ended as a middleweight. Armstrong’s name always comes out in and around the top five when boxing’s true legends are discussed and debated. He defended his welterweight crown on 19 occasions, but was never shy of accepting a challenge at any neighbouring weight class. Armstrong (who died in 1988) retired in 1945 with a record of 121-21-9 (101 KOs). When “Homicide Hank” won a world title, he invariably beat the best fighter available at the time.

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