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Fielding vs Canelo: Canelo breaks down, stops Fielding

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez marked the first fight of his money-spinning deal with DAZN by systematically breaking down Britain’s Rocky Fielding in New York.

The world title win is dubious given the WBA’s propensity to create a multitude of belts at each weight class. That is not to diminish the effort Fielding exerted in winning the bauble in Germany, against Tyron Zeuge. Canelo is at a point now where his name carries more currency than alphabet straps. The governing bodies are more keen on enjoying the vast numbers Alvarez brings to the table rather than any perceived value they offer a contest.

Canelo had already tickled the ribs a couple of times before a scything left hook to the body eased Fielding to his knees and an opening round count. Rocky looked understandably reticent. Pawing out a jab to try and keep the pound-for-pound monster at bay, Stockport’s finest was throwing then waiting for Canelo to throw rather than punching with the Mexican.

Fielding’s contorted face showed the effects of every single body shot. Pushing his right hand down to his hip, the Brit attempted to shake off the accumulating impact of a sustained torso assault – and this was only the first round. Visibly bigger than his foe, Fielding’s hope lay behind a stiff jab and plenty of movement. Canelo is one of the best in the business at cutting down the ring, however, and was finding the visitor’s lean frame fruitful for his two-fisted barrages.

By the second round, Fielding was looking for the left hook to the head as Alvarez rocked back from his own left hook to the body. The leverage Canelo generates from those shots doubles the impact, but he is often open for a split second afterwards as he rolls back out of distance. Fielding’s trainer Jamie Moore had no doubt spotted this.

Guarding against the left hook to the body just opened a pathway for the right to Rocky’s head. There it was for Canelo, who dutifully obliged in the third. Down for the third time, Fielding smiled and cast a rueful glance across to his corner. The end was nigh. Back to the body went Canelo, back to the canvas went Fielding, no need for a count from the referee. Fielding was brave, no knock on him at all for accepting the opportunity of a lifetime. Canelo needs better opposition for someone pocketing over $30million per fight.

David Lemieux could move up to super-middleweight for a crack at his Golden Boy stablemate. WBO 168-pound king Gilberto Ramirez won on Friday night but struggled to impress in a rematch win over Jesse Hart. Canelo would be better served dropping back down to middleweight for a third fight with Gennady Golovkin or a fight with Danny Jacobs.

Steve Wellings
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