Coyle vs Kielczweski: Coyle claims decision in Boston

Tommy Coyle realised a lifelong ambition of boxing in America and won a wide decision against Ryan Kielczweski in Boston. Coyle was good value for his win -by scores of 99-90, 98-91 and 96-93- but plucky Kielczweski more than played his part.

The two styles were not dissimilar, and the first round started as a battle of the jabs. Being the local man, Kielczweski enjoyed plenty of support. Feints were at a premium in the second as both boxers tried some good old fashioned swings.

Coyle started the third with added impetus but was copped by a snappy Kielczweski left hook. The body-work was garnering success for “Boom Boom” Coyle and that appeared to be his most likely avenue of success. The Hull fighter was having the better of the fourth as Kielczweski got tagged more than in previous sessions.

Kielczweski’s nose was bloodied in the fifth, and he was noticeably giving up mid-ring territory. The referee had an extended look into the Quincy man’s corner before the start of the sixth. A former quality amateur, Kielczweski had struggled to break away from State Championship
level during his time in the punishing pugilistic profession.

The pace slowed in the seventh as both men looked to box with discipline. That was until Coyle suddenly wobbled Kielczweski with a left hook to the top of the head. “The Polish Prince” beat the count but was visibly hurt and only his instincts and toughness were keeping him in the bout. Lacking the power to do any severe damage to Coyle, it was getting towards the stage that Kielczweski’s corner might’ve considered saving their man for another day.

Coyle, himself, looked to have taken a decent whack in the eighth. Tommy circled the ring for a breather, but Kielczweski was happy to take the rest and did not apply any meaningful pressure.

Kielczweski enjoyed further success in the ninth. A flush right hand stirred the crowd up, and Coyle went back on the jab. They embraced warmly before the 10th and closed out the contest with no lack of application.

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