Chagaev vs. Browne Results

Tonight, Lucas Browne (24-0, 21KOs), found himself in the lion’s den. In there he was hurt, he was…
Lucas Browne

Tonight, Lucas Browne (24-0, 21KOs), found himself in the lion’s den. In there he was hurt, he was cut up and he saw the canvas in the sixth round. However, “Big Daddy” rose to his feet, composed himself and went on to stop Ruslan Chagaev (34-3-1, 21KOs) becoming the WBA ‘regular’ heavyweight world champion in the process.

The opening stanzas of the competition were fairly even but in the third Chagaev started to put his foot on the gas, unloading on Browne and finding his mark. In the fourth, Browne attempted to retaliate but found little success. Chagaev, on the other hand, was able to find success in the fifth when he unleashed a flurry on Browne, causing the challenger to stagger.

In the sixth round both fighters came out swinging and things got much more interesting. Chagaev was able to open a cut above Browne’s left eye, dominating the round with his accuracy. Toward the end of the sixth, Chagaev sent Browne to the canvas, Browne was able to recover but was quickly hammered with a vicious left leaving the challenger in the deep inside the danger zone.

Browne to his credit tried to change his fortune in the seventh, looking to catch the champion with a massive shot yet he found himself hurt once again when Chagaev unloaded on him in the final minute of the round.

At this point Chagaev switched his strategy, attempting to out-box Browne rather than go in for the kill and the pace of the bout changed somewhat for the next few rounds.

In the tenth Browne was able to catch Chagaev with a vicious shot, sending the champion to the canvas. Chagaev rose, but was clearly hurt and Browne went in for the kill, unloading on his injured prey until the referee stopped the bout.

Browne will now be scheduled to make a mandatory defence against Fres Oquendo as part of the WBA heavyweight tournament.

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