Browne stops Williams inside six rounds

Browne vs Williams

2012 Olympian, Marcus Browne, claimed a knockout victory over fellow light-heavyweight, Thomas Williams Jr. in the sixth round of their bout scheduled for ten rounds at Xavier University’s Cintas Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Going into the first Browne was able to establish his jab well, whilst Williams seemed determined to only throw huge hooks and uppercuts.

As we entered the second round Williams was able to land a cuffing right hook early on, but that success would be short lived. Midway through the second, Browne landed a fantastic jab, which caused Williams to stumble and take a knee. Browne then caught Williams with a rabbit punch on the back of the head and sent him to the canvas.

Williams failed to make the count, however, referee, Ken Miliner, correctly judged that a foul had been committed and granted Williams five minutes to recover.

After the recovery period, with 1.35 left in the second round, the contest resumed and Browne almost instantly shook Williams again with a huge left. Fortunately for Williams, he was able to compose himself and see out the round.

In the third, Williams continued to try and land huge shots but failed to make use of his jab at all. Meanwhile, Browne continued to win the fight on the outside.

Entering the fourth round, Williams was caught and hurt early on and Browne was soon able to send him back to the canvas. This time Williams went down after getting caught by a huge counter right hook and only just managed beat the count.

Browne continued to look sharp, landing the jab at will and in the sixth he connected with a mean right hook that sent Williams to the canvas once again. Unfortunately for Williams, he wouldn’t beat the count this time, rather he lay, confused, on the canvas, talking to his corner until he was counted out.

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