Brown: My experience gives me the edge over Rehman

Akeem Ennis Brown is confident that his ring experience as a professional gives him the edge when he faces Bilal Rehman at the Vale Sports Arena in Cardiff on March 1.

Brown has already overcome quality operators such as; Glenn Foot, Chris Jenkins and Darragh Foley in the professional ranks and he is believes this experience gives him the edge over Rehman.

“If you compare what I’ve done in my career so far with what Bilal has done, it speaks for itself,” Brown said. “Before the fight was announced I hadn’t really paid much attention to him as I only really focus on the guys in the top ten.

“That’s not to disrespect him, as since it’s been announced I’ve had a look at him and he does have a lot of spark about him. He’s obviously not scared because he’s stood up and said he’ll take this fight. There are a lot of people we offer fights to and they turn it down.

“People will write him off when you compare his record to mine, but I think it says something about him that he’s taking the fight. He’s a 12-0 undefeated fighter like me, and he’s willing to take everything I’ve worked for, so that gets me excited.

“I’m prepared for my hardest fight. That’s not saying he’s the hardest opponent I’ve fought, but that’s the mentality that I bring to all of my fights now.

“It’s all about getting the right fights in 2019. In the past it may have been about just getting as many fights as possible, but that’s because there was no risk before. Now I want to fight the best as my ultimate goal is to get a world title, so it’s about being smart.”

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