The Big Boxing Roundup of 2016

2016 Boxing Roundup

Kane Clarke

Kane Clarke runs a fantastic site dedicated to Boxing in Ireland, Irish Boxing News, you can follow him on Twitter @IrishBoxinNews.

Most underrated active boxer?

For me, the most underrated active boxer would have to be ‘Lightning’ Lee Selby. I have followed ‘The Welsh Mayweather’ career for many years and have been impressed each time I’ve seen him fight. I believe he is on a par with Frampton as the best featherweight in the division right now. I would have had him as a slight favourite for that fight if it weren’t for his inactivity. He definitely poses a bigger threat to Frampton than Gary Russell Jr and Leo Santa Cruz for me. His younger brother also is a future superstar who is slipping under the radar slightly with not being signed to a major promoter.

What was your Fight of the Year in 2016?

The 2016 fight of the year for me was a toss-up between Frampton v LSC and Jamie Conlan v Anthony Nelson but ill go with Conlan v Nelson for the Commonwealth strap. Nelson down in the first and Conlan cut. ‘The Irish Gatti’ was down himself in the 3rd, but rose to put Nelson down again in the 5th, and finally in the 8th with a beautiful left hook to the body. Hopefully, the rematch gets made in 2017 in Belfast.

What was your Round of the Year in 2016?

Round of the year would have to go to Frankie Gavin v Sam Eggington 6th round. Eggington would back him up against the ropes and unload combinations, and just as the ref looked like he was going to stop it on two or three occasions Frankie would come back and land his own big shots. Great round of a great fight.

What was the best KO of 2016?

Best KO of the year would also have to go to Conlan against Nelson, the perfect shot, at the perfect time in the fight just as Nelson was starting to have some success which would have made for a nervy final few rounds.

What was the worst fight of 2016?

I’ve seen some awful fights this year like every year, but the one that sticks out has to be Martin v Joshua if you would even call that a fight.

Which fight do you most want to see in 2017?

The fight I most want to see in 2017 is Tyson Fury against Joshua. Although it’s hard to know what shape physically and mentally Tyson would be if he were to return, but if he came back and got back to his best, I think he is the only current heavyweight AJ couldn’t deal with. But he would have to be at his best against the up and coming champion, who I believe will benefit from father time catching up with Klitschko in their April mega-fight at Wembley stadium.

The five boxing wizards jump quickly.

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