The Big Boxing Roundup of 2016

2016 Boxing Roundup

Mark Butcher

Mark Butcher, writes for the fantastic, Boxing Monthly. You can follow him on Twitter @KOwriting.

Most underrated active boxer?

Bradley Skeete. Nice guy image (which is fully deserved) sometimes obscures the south Londoner’s ability. Long arms and smooth but underrated boxing skills.

What was your Fight of the Year in 2016?

Domestically, Eggington-Gavin. The local rivalry did not disappoint, some torrid exchanges and a number of shifts in momentum. Overseas, Salido-Vargas, a bloodthirsty war in the finest Mexican tradition.

What was your Round of the Year in 2016?

Round eight – Whyte-Chisora. Classic rock ‘em, sock ’em action by the heavyweight behemoths. Had fairly low expectations for that fight, but delighted to be wrong.

What was the best KO of 2016?

Not a clean KO as such, but Frank Buglioni’s last gasp win over Hosea Burton. That Buglioni right hand to the temple came just as Burton thought he was back in control.

What was the worst fight of 2016?

Luke Campbell’s drab win over a one-paced Argenis Mendez looked good on paper but was a veritable eyesore.

Which fight do you most want to see in 2017?

As an avid follower of the lighter weights, Gonzalez-Inoue.

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