The Big Boxing Roundup of 2016

2016 Boxing Roundup
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Ryan Elliott

Ryan Elliott writes for Boxing News TV, unfortunately for him he also supports Sunderland. You can find him on Twitter @RyanBNTV.

Most underrated active boxer?

Demetrius Andrade (if he can actually be classed as active). His only win of 2016 was a one-sided beat-down of Willie Nelson, and back-to-back victories over Vanes Martirosyan and Brian Rose seem to be long forgotten about. That said though, he’s still only 28 years of age, still lightning quick and still undoubtedly a wonderful ring technician. I can’t wait to see how he fares within an exciting and fairly young 154 division in 2017 – get him in with one of the Charlo brothers ASAP!

What was your Fight of the Year in 2016?

Vargas-Salido was absolute warfare. The pair threw over 2,000 shots between them on the night, and I’m pretty sure more than half of those were power punches. I felt tired just watching them exchange bombs, and the exhilarating 10th was in the running to be my Round of the Year for sure. That’s the best I’ve seen this year, but Chamberlain-Camacho from ringside was also something to behold – York Hall was rocking.

What was your Round of the Year in 2016?

The eighth round of Whyte-Chisora was a fantastic watch. I (rightfully) expected a complete stinker, but a heavyweight classic unfolded – and my word, it was a joy to behold. With a minute to go in the eighth, the two stood toe-to-toe and traded bombs, and in all honestly, I thought it was going to become a matter of who passed out first. Think Gatti-Ward – only much slower, much heavier and a hell of a lot sloppier. Great stuff.

What was the best KO of 2016?

Probably Canelo’s overhand right on Amir Khan. Khan boxed his head off in the opening exchanges, but the signs were telling in the mid-rounds that Canelo was beginning to grow into the fight. A clever feint to the body was enough to create an opening for the big right hand, and it was absolutely savage.

What was the worst fight of 2016?

Ortiz-Scott. Potentially the worst sporting event of any kind I’ve watched this year, and I’m a Sunderland fan. Stinkfest extraordinaire.

Which fight do you most want to see in 2017?

I want Brook-Khan. It’s honestly not even relevant to me that they’re both coming off a loss at a higher weight class – get it made at 147! The score needs to be settled, and though every man and their dog seem to be siding with Brook, I think Khan would take him to school over 12 rounds. Two high-profile domestic fighters, a great clash of styles, big rivalry – what’s there not to want? The time is right to get this made. Fingers crossed.

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