The Big Boxing Roundup of 2016

2016 Boxing Roundup

Darren Tetley

Darren Tetley is an undefeated welterweight, fighting out of Bradford, England. You can find him on Twitter @daztetleyboxing.

Most underrated active boxer?

Good question. Robbie Davies Jnr, Sam Bowen or myself haha!

What was your Fight of the Year in 2016?

I can’t even remember all the fights I have seen this year but Frampton vs Santa Cruz was a good one.

What was your Round of the Year in 2016?

I’m not sure which round it was, but there was a really good one in GGG vs Brook.

What was the best KO of 2016?

I just saw a really good one – Hassan N’Dam brutally KO’d Alfonso Blanco.

What was the worst fight of 2016?

You might be shocked but I think it was Joshua vs. Martin.

Which fight do you most want to see in 2017?

For me, it has got to be Lomochenko vs Rigondeaux.

The five boxing wizards jump quickly.

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