Berto: No more cakewalks at PBC next year

Andre Berto

Andre Berto has stated that all PBC fighters have been told that there will be no more easy rides, stating “everybody is fighting everybody.”

Berto revealed the message Haymon has issued to his fighters, whilst speaking to FightHype this week.

“We’ve got a big 2017 coming up,” said Berto. “You know, everybody on a PBC card got that phone call, and let us know that everybody’s fighting everybody. It ain’t no cakewalks next year. And I think this last card [Mares vs Cuellar] was the first installment of it.

“As you can see, the Charlo boys [Jermall Charlo] fought [Julian Williams] and [Abner] Mares fought [Jesus Cuellar]. These are fights people wanted to see for a while, and they’re making them happen. If we wanna keep getting paid how we gettin’ paid, now they puttin’ us in the fire. So either you’re gonna get burnt, or you’re gonna rise to the occasion.”

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