Benavidez stops Mamajonov inside two

David Benavidez

Super middleweight prospect, David Benavidez, stopped Sherali Mamajonov inside two rounds at the MGM Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the opening round, Mamajonov tried his best to beat Benavidez to the jab despite the noticeable reach advantage of Benavidez.

Unfortunately for Mamajonov, toward the end of the first round, he was caught on the solar plexus with a powerful hook, followed up by a right and then a left hook to the head as he dropped to the canvas. Mamajonov, however, was able to beat the count and see out the first round.

In the second round, Benavidez set out to finish what he started. Mamajonov was caught with a right to the head, followed by a left, which set up the left hook to the body and was finished with a left hook to the head.

The Uzbek crashed to the canvas and but was able to beat the count once again, albeit with his mouthguard hanging out.

After beating the count, Mamajonov turned away from the referee, fumbling with his mouthpiece before wincing and leaning into the corner. As soon as referee, Russell Mora, saw Mamajonov’s reaction, he waved the contest off.

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