Bellotti expects a test against Jones

Reece Bellotti

Watford based featherweight, Reece Bellotti, has stated that he aims to put on a show when he makes the first defence of his Commonwealth Featherweight title against Ben Jones at The O2 on Saturday.

Belotti claimed the Commonwealth crown with a sixth-round stoppage against Jason Cunningham at York Hall in October.

Belotti will make his first title defence against Jones, who, along with his team have talked themselves into this fight via social media.

“Ben, his team and fans were quite persistent on Twitter goading me into taking the fight calling me rubbish,” said Bellotti. “I don’t really get too involved, so I said to Eddie Hearn if it makes sense I’ll take the fight no problem.

“He’s been around for donkey’s years. It’s one of the reasons the fight made sense to me and the team, to fight someone with his experience. It’s something I need to gain as I go along. He’s been in with the likes of Lee Selby, Stephen Smith and other tough fighters. He knows how to deal with certain things in a fight which I might not be used to so it’ll be another test.

“I haven’t seen the Jones vs Jason Cunningham fight. To be honest, I’ve been trying to fight that fight for quite a long time now. It would have helped me prepare for Cunningham and now for this fight, but I can’t find it anywhere! That’s his most recent fight – I’ve spoken to a few people who were there, it could have gone either way. It sounds like it was a close fight, but it’s only opinions.

“I couldn’t go too mad over Christmas with the fight in the pipeline, but that’s part and parcel of being a fighter – You have to be disciplined. I’ve been sparring with the likes of John Joe Nevin in the build-up which has been great and helped me prepare; I’m more than ready for this.”

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