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Arum: Pacquiao vs. Khan possible for November

Bob Arum

Less than two weeks ago, Bob Arum announced that Manny Pacquiao would not be fighting Amir Khan in April.

Arum told the press that the investor’s proposal of $38 million had failed to materialise and as a result, the fight was “dead” for the time being.

“Michael [Koncz] is on his way back to meet with Manny, but it is Kaddish for the UAE deal. It is dead,” Arum told ESPN.

“I am talking to him about another proposal for another fight, not Khan. Khan won’t be Manny’s next opponent.”

However, it now appears that while a fight between Pacquiao and Khan is off the table for April or May, it is still a very real possibility for November.

“That fight [with Khan] can’t happen,” said Arum, talking to ABS-CBS News. “Because the people who were putting on the money were not able to. Hopefully, that fight [with Khan] can happen in November.”

“Meanwhile, I am talking to Manny about an interim fight in the summer, and I am waiting to hear back from him.”

“I don’t know yet where it will be. We are discussing various places, but obviously, the fight finances is always there as part of making the fight, so that is not a problem.”

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