Angel Garcia upset by prospect of Khan rematch

Danny & Angel Garcia

When the WBC announced that newly crowned WBC welterweight champion Danny Garcia (32-0, 18 KOs) must defend his title against their number one ranked contender Amir Khan (31-3, 19 KOs) the boxing world salivated at such a prospect. All the boxing world with the exception of Angel Garcia, Danny’s father and trainer.

Angel considers Khan to be finished business and doesn’t see the value in such a rematch. Although Khan is the number one contender and has been for over two years, Garcia wants Danny to move on to bigger and better fights. Exactly what constitutes a bigger fight is unknown. Thurman and Porter are tied up, as are Pacquiao and Bradley, Peterson vs. Berto was mandated for the second mandatory by the WBC, Kell Brook is an option but is certainly not a big fight and Floyd Mayweather Jr. did not seem at all impressed by Danny Garcia’s performance against Guerrero, which he scored a draw.

Garcia is actually lucky to be the champion before actually having to face Khan again. A fairer solution would have been to upgrade Khan from silver champion to full champion and have Garcia vs. Guerrero as an eliminator for the title shot against Khan. Alternatively, Garcia should have fought Khan instead of Garcia for the belt. This was a something Amir Khan pursued when it became apparent that he wouldn’t secure the Pacquiao fight. However, Garcia did not want to take the fight and instead chose to fight Guerrero.

Angel Garcia, fustrated by the way things have unfolded told “I don’t see nothing there. (If they fight) it’s going to be a repeat of the same thing again. Danny will knock Khan out. I’m not underestimating him but, I don’t want to get into the WBC politics. Danny is the champ. But I don’t see nothing happening there, in my opinion. I don’t think we’re even looking at that, honestly. Why would we fight Khan? There are bigger names out there right now. Khan had his time. He made a lot of money in boxing. I don’t know why he stood around waiting for Floyd (Mayweather Jr.) to fight. It never happened. I don’t see (this fight) taking place.”

Angel’s argument is incoherent to say the least, stating “Danny will knock Khan out,” is not a reason for Danny to avoid his mandatory.

Similarly, just because Angel doesn’t feel like Khan is the direction they want to go in it doesn’t mean Danny can just skip the fight if they want to keep the WBC belt.

It’s also worth noting that the other big names in the division are all tied up, as we mentioned earlier, so who exactly Garcia wants to fight is somewhat of a mystery.

However, perhaps the strangest part of Angel’s statement is where he states Khan has “had his time,” and “made a lot of money in boxing,” it’s almost like he’s suggesting Khan should just retire.

Why the Khan/Mayweather situation needs to be mentioned is anyones guess.

It seems like Angel had some points rehearsed and completely forgot what he was meant to say when he faced the inevitable questions about a rematch with Khan.

Angel then goes on to say they won’t vacate the title and they will take the fight if they must.

“We’re not trying to go on bad terms with nobody,” Garcia said of the WBC. “Were not trying to do that. Why would you be the champ and then vacate the belt? That’s disrespecting the boxing world. If we have to do it, then we have to do what we have to do. But I’m just saying I don’t see nothing there for me. (But) we’re not going to run from anybody. We’re not scared of (Khan).”

If Team Garcia aren’t scared of Khan and he poses no threat to Danny then they really should have no problem taking this fight right now. Throwing a tantrum every time Danny has to follow the rules is not acceptable.

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