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Yafai vs. Muranaka – Running order & weights

Yafi vs Muranaka

Below is the running order and weights for the Yafai vs. Muranaka card from the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham.

The Boxing commences at 5 pm and will go live on Sky Sports 2 at 7.30pm


4 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight contest

JORDAN CLAYTON (11st)              v          NICK GOLUBS (10st 11lbs 6oz)

Followed By

4 x 3 mins Middleweight contest

KIERON CONWAY            v                              JAN BALOG

Followed By

4 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight

AARON LOVELL (10st 4lbs 6oz)   v    LIAM RICHARDS (10st)

Followed By

4 x 3 mins Lightweight contest

CHARLIE WILLIAMS (9st 9lbs 4oz) v          JOSH THORNE (9st 8lbs 8oz)

Followed By

4 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight contest

CORI GIBBS (10st 1lb 2oz)             v       AHMED IBRAHIM (10st 5lbs)


10 x 3 mins Midland Area Middleweight Title @ 11st 6lbs

RYAN KELLY (10st 13lbs 9oz)      v          ADAM HARPER (10st 12lbs 9oz)

Live On Sky Sports 2 – 7:30pm

6 x 3 mins Welterweight contest

JOSH KELLY                   v                       JONY VINA

Followed By

8 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight contest

FRANKIE GAVIN (10st 8lbs 9oz)            v          RENALD GARRIDO (10st 5lbs)

Followed By

12 x 3 mins WBC International Super-Bantamweight Championship

SEAN DAVIS (8st 9lbs 3oz)          v          GAMAL YAFAI (8st 9lbs 9oz)

Followed By

12 x 3 mins European Welterweight Championship

CEFERINO RODRIGUEZ (10st 5lbs 9oz)                        v          SAM EGGINGTON (10st 6lbs 8oz)

Followed By

12 x 3 mins WBA Super-Flyweight World Championship

KAL YAFAI (8st 2lbs 6oz)              v          SUGURU MURANAKA (8st 2lbs 3oz)


8 x 3 mins Light-Heavyweight contest

LENNOX CLARKE            v                 KAREL HOREJSEK

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