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Khan vs Lo Greco press conference gets heated

  • Lo Greco takes things a step too far, remarks on Khan's personal life, and pays the price.
Khan vs LoGreco

Two weight world champion, Amir Khan, and his upcoming opponent, Phil Lo Greco, came head to head for the first time at a fiery pre-fight press conference in Liverpool today.

The press conference kicked off in an almost comical fashion, with Sean Dodd and Tommy Coyle — who will face each other on the undercard — making their entrances dressed as superheroes, however, once the pleasantries were over, things got heated.

To start things off, fighters from another of the cards bouts, Ryan Mulcahy and Bilal Rehman, decided they would partake in a few rounds of verbal sparring — filled with expletives.

Once Dodd and Coyle were again centre stage, things became momentarily jovial. However, that quickly changed once Phil Lo Greco got his turn to speak.

Lo Greco claimed his place as Khan’s opponent primarily through an internet trolling campaign, which revolved around ridiculing Khan. In front of the cameras, press and the public, Lo Greco attempted to take that trolling to another level by “roasting” Khan. However, his comments appeared to be a step too far both the crowd and Khan.

“After the Canelo loss you [Amir Khan] went on a losing streak,” said Lo Greco. “Family. Wife. Then you go out, and you tweet to the heavyweight champion of the world. What is wrong with you mate? What is wrong? You go out, and you tweet to the heavyweight champion of the world that he can have your leftovers?”

At this point, Khan understandably lost his cool and threw his glass of water in Lo Greco’s face. After which both teams quickly found themselves squaring off, with only Eddie Hearn separating them.

Other members of Khan’s entourage instantly rushed toward the stage, in defence of former Olympian. They were quickly followed by members of the public keen to capture the moment on their smartphone.

After a minute or so, cooler heads prevailed and the show, for that was what it had become, was allowed to continue.

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