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Joe Joyce vs Ivica Bacurin Weigh-In Results

Joe Joyce Weigh In

Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion, Joe Joyce, weighed in at 17st 13lbs as he prepares to make the first defence of his Commonwealth title against last-minute replacement, Ivica Bacurin.

Elsewhere on the card Michael Page weighed in at 12st 9lbs, and young prospect, Linus Udofia weighed in at 11st 9lbs.

Joe Joyce v Ivica Bacurin 

Joe Joyce – 17st 13lbs

Ivica Bacurin – 14st 10lbs

Michael Page v Michal Ciach

Michael Page – 12st 9lbs 7oz

Michal Ciach – 12st 10lbs 7oz

Kody Davies v Eric Mokonzo

Kody Davies – 12st 3lbs

Eric Mokonzo – 12st 3lbs 2oz

Ruqsana Begum v Danielle Hodges

Ruqsana Begum – 8st 1lb

Danielle Hodges – 7st 10lbs

Linus Udofia v Eric Nwankwo

Linus Udofia – 11st 9lbs 8oz

Eric Nwankwo – 11st 10lbs 5oz

Sam Smith v Anisha Basheel

Sam Smith – 9st 7lbs 3oz

Anisha Basheel – 9st 8lbs 1oz

Savannah Marshall v Alejandra Ayala

Savannah Marshall – 11st 11lbs

Alejandra Ayala – 11st 10lbs 1oz

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