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Chamberlain: I want to be great, I want to win belts

Lawrence Okolie vs. Isaac Chamberlain

Isaac Chamberlain is hoping to mark his third year as a professional with a victory over his bitter rival, Lawrence Okolie.

Chamberlain and Okolie square off in the main event at The O2 this weekend in Matchroom’s “British Beef” card.

As a 23-year-old cruiserweight prospect, Chamberlain has already shown he has the heart of a warrior. In his sixth outing, after dislocating his arm early in the bout, Chamberlain fought on against Wadi Camacho and claimed both victory and the Southern Area Title.

Headlining at The O2 is the culmination of years of hard work and determination from Chamberlain, and he aims to capitalise on the opportunity.

“It’s going to be an amazing experience headlining my own show at The O2,” said Chamberlain. “From coming from nothing to this stage is humbling. I’m not one of these guys that goes out partying after fights and blow all my money, I’m trying to buy a house, get a mortgage, set my life up and live right, and this is a big fight and one that pays well.

“I want to be great, I want to win belts, and I want to fight top fighters. I’ve tasted titles against Camacho, and I’m struggling on top of a big bill at The O2, this is what I am in the sport for.

“Nothing has been given to me in boxing, that’s been the case from day one, and it still is. I will always have that underdog mentality and go into fights to take everything. I won’t stop at any cost; I’m always going to be in the gym and living right because I don’t want this journey to end.

“I think it’s a good thing that I’ve had to work hard for what I’ve got. Boxing is hard at every level, from bottom to top. When you are a World champion there’s a target on your back, and everyone hunts you down, that’s not easy.

“My ride has made me mentally stronger; if I’d had things handed to me, I wouldn’t know what it’s like to dig deep and grit my teeth to get through the tough moments. I know that when it gets tough, I can bite down on the gumshield and get to the other side with the win.”

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